This introductive notice about the famous oasis of Yarkand introduces successively its pre-Islamic history; the Qarakhanid period when the Islamicisation and the Turkisation of the area occurred; the Mongol conquest; the Chaghatayid domination supported by the powerful Dughlat clan; the Khwajas rule under the protection of the Junghar Mongols; the Qing annexation; the Emirate of Ya‘qub Beg; the twentieth century marked by an alternation of Turkistani nationalist movements and Chinese recoveries.  Two aspects are emphasised through the pre-modern as well as modern period: the status of capital cities in the Altishahr and the region’s status as a trading centre between India, Tibet, Central Asia and China.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-2.5-153