A rare case in present-day dialectological studies in Tajikistan, the author provides an historical insight on the activity of the Department of Pamirian Languages in the Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature, since its creation in 1967 and its transfer to Khorogh in 1989. However, the article only mentions in passing the main collective publications that have punctuated the development of Pamirian studies in the Institute during this period of time. The bulk of the text is a classification of the Iranian languages and dialects of the Pamir (the former being defined by the lack of mutual understanding of their respective locutors), according to the main established categories: the Shughnani-Rushani group of languages (Shughni language and its Bajuwi, Shahdaragi and Barwazi dialects; Rushani language; language or dialect of the Khuf people; Bartangi, Rasharwi, Sariquli, Wanji languages), then Yazghulami, Ishkashimi, Wakhani, Munjani — with short mention of the ongoing disappearance of Munjani in Shahdara, Sariquli in Murghab, and ancient Wanji in the Wanj Valley. The bibliography provided at the end of the paper is a catalogue of the main monographs in Russian devoted to each Pamirian language or dialect since the mid-1950s.

The Redaction
CER: II-5.2.C-460