In the wake of relatively numerous contributions by explorers of the colonial period and linguists of the Soviet era, the author has been trying to enlarge the available corpus of terms of the “secret language” (in Soghdian: bajayi zivak) of Yaghnobi-speaking people, through lexicographic inquiries among the migrant populations of the Warzab area, north of Dushanbe, concluded by the publication of a list of some ninety terms with Tajik translations, respectively, of their current and “secret” meanings.  This paper follows another contribution by the same authors, consisting in the publication and Tajik translation of some sixty Yaghnobi proverbs from the same area—Mirzozoda Saifiddin, Ne‘matov Gulmurod, Iorzoda Taghoimurod, “Namunahoe az zarbulmasalhoi iaghnobi [Samples of Yaghnobi Proverbs],” ibid. 5/8-10 (2005): 211-20.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-6.2.C-560