In this meticulous study, the author uses philological methods of text comparison in order to reconstruct the biography of famous Naqshbandi shaykh Khwaja ‘Ubayd Allah Ahrar. Four sources are carefully presented and discussed: ‘Abd al-Awwal Nishapuri’s Masmu‘at, Muhammad Qazi’s Silsilat al-‘arifin wa tadhkirat al-siddiqin, Wa‘iz al-Kashifi’s Rashahat-i ‘ayn al-hayat, Mawlana Shaykh’s Maqamat-i Khwaja Ahrar. After having confronted these texts with others like the Nasabnama-yi Khwaja ‘Ubayd Allah Ahrar, M. Kadyrova provides a rich series of data on both the ancestry and posterity of the shaykh (see, in particular, the numerous genealogical charts in the second Appendix).

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-3.4.B-250