Central Eurasian Workshop / Atelier Eurasie centrale
Master Programme
PhD Programme
Research Master

This bi-monthly four-hour workshop consists of different sections intended to an audience of graduate and postgraduate students:
(1) Methodological issues, theoretical and practical;
2) Discussion of general and theoretical readings;
3) Discussion of publications in the field;
4) Participation in the critical monitoring of the Wikistan platform;
5) Course of modern history of Central Eurasia;
6) Communication of ongoing personal and collaborative research.
Among the themes envisaged for the 2020-21 study year:
a) The role of academics in the Islamic religious field of the former USSR;
b) The geo-historical dynamics of conversion, since the 8th century CE;
c) The periods of feminization of Islamic religious authority in Russia and Central Asia;
d) History of modern Islamic Reform, since the late 18th century;
e) The cross-disciplinary study of the hagiographic experiences in the former USSR.

Currently active : yes

Institution : PSL Université / Ecole pratique des hautes études
Department : Groupe Religions, sociétés, laïcités
Address : PSL Université/EHPE/GSRL
14, Cours des Humanités
F-93322 Auvervilliers

Start date : January 2021
Languages: English, French
ECTS : 24

Disciplines: History Political Science