L'Asie centrale dans tous ses Etats : questions et méthodes (The state(s) of Central Asia: questions and methods)
Master Programme
PhD Programme
Research Master

This cross-disciplinary seminar aims to bring together social science researchers on modern and contemporary Central Asia, in meetings structured around two interventions per session. The first is a general introduction by one of the facilitators to the state of knowledge and research in a particular discipline (geography, history, economics, sociology, social anthropology, religious social sciences, political science), accompanied by a thematic bibliography. The second one is a specific communication on a research in progress, chosen for the novelty of its contribution to the knowledge of the region. The seminar calls on guests from the various European and Central Asian teams active in the social sciences and thus offers a survey of current research on Central Asia in a wide range of themes and disciplines, as well as in the most diverse schools and traditions. It also provides an opportunity for advanced doctoral students to present their work to be discussed.

Currently active : yes
Recurring : yes

Institution : School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences - EHESS
Address : 54 bd Raspail 75006 Paris
Room AS1_23

Contact: Isabelle Ohayon

Languages: English, French, russian
ECTS : 6

Disciplines: Anthropology (social) Ethnology Geography History Political Science Sociology Studies on Religion
Registered by Dr Isabelle OHAYON