L’économie rituelle et cérémonielle : perspectives pluridisciplinaires et comparées (Asie centrale, XXe-XXIe siècles) [Ritual and ceremonial economy: multidisciplinary and comparative perspectives (Central Asia, 20th-21st centuries)]
Master Programme
PhD Programme

Based on empirical research on Central Asian societies, this seminar aims to revisit the ceremonial economy as a general and global phenomenon in different periods of recent history.It seeks to articulate it to the economic regimes in which it is deployed (directed socialist economy, more or less deregulated capitalism) and to different fields of social and political practice such as the transnational transformations of the Islamic religious sphere, the evolution of consumer practices and the practices of political competition.
The seminar explores the forms of indebtedness and obligation arising from the use of evolving financing systems (microcredit, bank credit, usury), the regulatory role of the state, the transformation of ceremonial performances in their relationship with consumerism, the reconfiguration of social ties and statutory hierarchies. It is coordinated by the members of the ANR CEREMONIAC project team.

Currently active : yes

Institution : School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences - EHESS
Address : 105 bd Raspail 75006 Paris
Room 4

Contact: Isabelle Ohayon

Start date : 6/11/2020
Languages: English, French, Russian
ECTS : 6

Disciplines: Anthropology (social) Demography Economy Ethnography Ethnology Geography History Political Science Sociology Studies on Religion
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